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New PCs
We offer good dependable IBM clone machines. They have stood up to
the test of time. We offer a full one year warranty on all systems,
with many of the components having longer warranties.
Normally they don't wear-out before their technology becomes outdated.

All of our parts are name brand with at least a full year of warranty.
Some of our manufacturers, now offer warranties of up to 5 years.

We can usually take that old, "heavy breathing" dinosaur of yours
and give it new life ! You remember, the one that I am speaking of ...
it was "state-of-the-art" just last year (or was it last month)!!!
Ask us what we can do for yours !


Peripherials (accessories)
Scanners, Printers, Modems, Sound Systems, Graphic Capture, to name a few.

We dare you to name a computer related item that we can't get & install for you !

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