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We offer consulting on all topics concerning:

Operating Systems

Which one is right for you and your particular situation. Are you using it in a business or at home ? Is security a consideration ? We offer Microsoft Windows (PC) 95/98/98SE/ME/NT4/2k Pro/XP Home & Pro). Microsoft Server NT4/SBS.

Software Application/Programs

Do you want to "keep books" for your personal accounts or a business ? What will allow you to collect and arrange those photographs ? Do you really want to pay that much for that program ... when this one can do what you want for about half the price ? We understand many of the current well known packages.


Network Configurations

Let's talk about what you want to do now, and what you think you might like to do in the future. Let's build a path that doesn't have any more "curves" than absolutely necessary ! We offer Microsoft Windows NT server. We have had the experience of various sized networks of up to 700 PCs with multiple servers, domains and groups.

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